So you’ve completed you’re free assessment, and you’re eager to start your first day. First, let us be the first to congratulate you. You should be proud.

Second, dive in!

It may seem scary, but we assure you, the water’s warm. And your trainer is like your swim coach, they’re going to give you all the tools you need to keep you swimming strong.

In the meantime, tackle these 3 tips first.

1. Journal your journey

It’s important to have a roadmap that shows where started and how far you’ve come. The more you change, the happier you’ll be you started keep track today.

And don’t worry, no one else needs to see it, so be honest and write whatever’s on your mind.

2. Create a morning routine

If there’s one thing some of the most successful people in the world usually agree on, it’s the importance of a consistent morning routine.

“I get up at 4.30am every morning to walk my three dogs and work out,” CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz said. “Around 5.45am I make coffee for myself and my wife using an 8-cup Bodum French press.”

Drink a big glass of water first thing, stretch for five minutes and pray; whatever you choose, do it every day.

3. Put food first

If there’s one drug everyone takes every day, it’s food. And man what a powerful drug it is.

Food sets the stage for motivation, healing, and progress. When it’s right on, we have endless energy and feel great. When it’s off, we can’t focus and lose steam fast. And sadly, it may be so long since we’ve felt good that we’re just used to feeling bad.

Fill your plate with vegetables at least twice a day, eat a handful of nuts or seeds at every meal, and chose quality protein source with as little processing as possible.

That’s it. Three simple tips anyone can do that lead to better habits and a healthier you. 

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